Odor Eliminator replaces odors with fresh clean fragrancesAll our work is risk free and completed with your satisfaction.

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It Stinks! But it doesn't have to.

We Clean, Disinfect & Deodorize EVERYTHING that the Garbage Touches!

Our Mar-Vista based company has specialized in trash chute cleaning for over twenty five years. We clean, disinfect and deodorize all surfaces that are touched by garbage, including the trash rooms, trash chutes, access doors, empty bins and surrounding areas


Odor Free Buildings - Healthier Tenants

The Odor Eliminator Process

We remove the breeding ground for germs, bacteria, disease, rodents and insects, without using any poisons or toxic chemicals. We use only biodegradable, environmentally-safe chemicals, which leave pleasant fragrances for your tenants. Your building will be a healthier place to live and work.


    Biodegradeable Degreasing

    Coat all surfaces with a biodegradable protein emulsifier/degreaser to
    release organic matter, dirt and grime.


    Steam Cleaning

    Steam clean all chutes, bins, walls, floors, and doors with 180 degree,
    3000 psi pressure wash.


    EPA Disinfectant

    Spray all surfaces with an EPA registered disinfectant.


    Detailed Cleaning

    Clean each floor’s access door by hand.



    Deodorize the chute, room, bin, and each access door with liquid and
    granular deodorants.

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