Exclusive Process

Exclusive Process

Odor Eliminator Trash Chute Cleaning Process

Trash Chute cleaning is our focus.
We have developed an exclusive process of cleaning, disinfecting and
deodorizing that guarantees your trash chute system will not smell.
We treat all surfaces that the garbage can touch.

We begin by foaming on a blend of protein emulsifiers and de-greasers to
start the cleaning process. We then rinse clean with our 3000 psi – 180
degree pressure washing machine. All surfaces are then coated with a
disinfectant to kill any remaining germs – bacteria – or other micro-organisms.
Liquid and granular deodorants are then used to create fresh clean fragrances.

We coordinate with your trash hauler to do our work after your trash bins have been emptied.
This means your bins will be cleaned and disinfected also.

Our business is Trash Chute Cleaning, which means our prices are very affordable.
We will quote you a “firm price” over the phone and fax you a detailed bid the same day.

  • Notes on our process:
  • All our solutions are biodegradable and EPA registered where appropriate.
  • We use mild dilution rates that will not harm surfaces.
  • We generate our own hot water. Every 10 degrees the temperature is raised doubles the cleaning factor.Our disinfection process means your building will be a healthier place to live and work.
  • Our deodorants are not perfumes, they are “mal-odor neutralizers” which have long lasting residual effects.