• What makes your service the best?

    We clean disinfect and deodorize everything that the trash and garbage touches.
    We make sure your bins are empty and cleaned.
    Our work is always completed to your satisfaction
    We offer our exclusive “Odor Free Guarantee”  which means you never have to worry about this part of your building again.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our pricing is based on the size of your building and how many trash chute systems you have.
    We can generally quote you a price over the phone, and have a less than 24 hour turnaround on bids

  • Do you Really “Eliminate” the odors?

    YES!!!!  We accomplish that by thoroughly cleaning the entire system
    Our disinfection process kills all remaining germs, bacteria, virus and organic materials.  This also eliminates the attractants for insects and rodents without using toxic chemicals or poisons.
    Our deodorizing process leaves fresh clean fragrances for your tenants and staff.